Our History

After moving to Middle Tennessee in the early 1990s Dr. Eileen Seitz volunteered her dentistry at charity clinics and events throughout Tennessee. But after dental missions with her church to Haiti she realized the need for dental care in low income residents in Tennessee communities was even greater. So Dr. Seitz retired from her private dental practice and in 2016 started the Giving Smiles charity. She started with a volunteer spirit and a desire to help address the dental services inequities of the poor in Middle Tennessee. Since the beginning, Eileen has donated all of her time and services for the mission and receives no financial compensation. Eileen renovated a dental van into a fully-stocked two chair mobile dental clinic and set out to care for smiles that needed love at food pantries, church parking lots, homeless shelters, and hosted free dental days for struggling musicians. To expand her dental services, and give more Tennesseans a chance to smile, Eileen opened an office-based clinic in Spring Hill in 2020.

About Us