Giving Smiles

Who We Are

Giving Smiles is a volunteer-supported, non-profit charity providing high quality dental services to residents of Middle Tennessee with limited resources and barriers to accessing care.

  • We provide service with a mobile dental clinic van and a dental office for patients requiring longer procedures.
  • Patients are referred to us by our community partners.
  • We depend on the generosity of donors and volunteers to fill the gaps in costs.
  • We provide some free dental care or charge patients based on a sliding scale fee to determine the patient contribution, if any.
Most of our patients come to us with discomfort, missing teeth, broken fillings, and a story that their only option was to have their teeth removed instead of restored because of the cost.

For the uninsured, working poor families, the recently homeless, the local musician without a steady paycheck, and those with limited resources, our dentist chair is open.

Who We Serve

What We Do


Our Dental Clinic’s Services

Mobile Dental Clinic

We bring our well-equipped mobile dental van to communities needing dental services.

Dental Office

We are able to provide more extensive dental treatments in our Spring Hill dental clinic.


Giving Smiles is a volunteer-driven charity that depends on the support of the community.

Service to Others

We believe in the dignity of everyone to be free of dental pain and the opportunity to have a smile restored.

45 %

Of Low Income Tennesseans Avoid Smiling Because Of The Condition Of Their Teeth

70 %

Of Adults Say Cost Is The Reason They Didn’t Go To The Dentist In The Past 12 Months

100 %

Of Our Patients Receive Dental Care At Reduced To No Cost

Giving Smiles Dentistry

Smiles are how we connect. They are how we share joy. But nearly half of Tennesseans are ashamed of their smile. Most cannot afford to restore it. Our mission to help bring a smile back to someone in need.


Thank you for your interest in Giving Smiles. Please contact us if you have any questions or comments.


5226 Main St Ste C6 Spring Hill TN 37074



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